Sonic map (Chiroptera).

July 6, 2018

Flashed and clear antique sheet glass, sandblasted and painted with kilnfired glass paint, leaded wood.

This piece of work was made for the exhibition ‘Lightbox: An exploration of glass, light & other phenomena’ at the Belfry and North Gallery of St John’s Church, Bethnal Green. 7th to 23rd June 2018.

This was with the group NEW LONDON GLASS and celebrated the twentieth annivesary of the formation of the group. Find out more about NLG at:

The work explores the phenomenon of echo location in bats. The image in glass of the inverted bell is used to evoke a bat’s aural landscape of resonance and sound reflection. The circle of the outer form reproduces the design of the circular leaded windows in the North gallery and staircase.  The glass panes are replaced with sheets of darkened wood to pick up on the traditional church furniture and other wooden objects. The radiating lead lines suggest the ultrasounds that a bat emits with its call to locate flying insects and build up a kind of sonic map of its environment. The transparency of bat and moth wings is examined through various surface treatments.